3. Client-Server Connectivity Issues
3.2 Connectivity issues related to Antivirus Firewall.
Avast Internet Security

Scenarios where the issue occurs:-

The Scenarios where this issue can occur as follows:

  1. Avast Internet Security having a settings of High Risk Zone (Disallow any incoming Connections. Don’t allow any new programs.
  2. Avast Internet Security Blocks the CCMUI.exe
How to Identify the issue:-

Steps that help us to identify the issue are as follows:

  1. Client is not showing connected on the server machine.
  2. We are getting the ping response between the server and the client however still the client is not showing connected in the Café Manager Console.
  3. The C3M Server Logs shows that the terminal is not communicating with the server application.
Solution Provided:-

Steps to resolve the issue are as follows:

  1. Check if the Client Server connectivity is established through the ping command.
  2. In Café manager Console go to the File->Application Settings-> General -> Enable the Network Log option-> Click OK.
  3. And close and Open the cafe manager or Click on Reconnect Terminal link in the Café manager Home Screen.
  4. Now Go to the following path “C:/Program Files/Ideacts/Clinck Cyber Café Manager/Logs and then check the file UDP Send to Client and UDP Received from Client for the following info:
    1. In UDP Send to Client file check if the “Server’s IP address and the Café Code is mentioned”
    2. In UDP Received from Client file check if “Clients IP Address, Terminal Name, Café Code is mentioned”
  5. The above step will help us to check for the Server Client connectivity.
  6. And open the Avast User Interface by right Clicking on Tray icon or Start->All Programs-> Avast-> Avast user Interface.
  7. In Avast User Interface Screen on left hand side Click on “Firewall” tab and Select Firewall Settings.
  8. On right hand side you can see the 3 Zones.
    1. HOME/LOW RISK ZONE (Allow unrestricted Communication on the Local Network).
    2. WORK/MEDIUM RISK ZONE (Follow the application rules. This is the Default Mode).
    3. PUBLIC/HIGH RISK ZONE (Disallow any incoming Connections. Don’t allow any new programs).
  1. In the Above 3 Zones, WORK/MEDIUM RISK ZONE is suitable for our application.
  2. Select the WORK/MEDIUM RISK ZONE.
  3. Go to step 3.
  4. This will resolve the connectivity issue, if CCMUI.exe automatically added in the application rules and allowed for the communication. If not, please follow the below steps.

Note:- If the Rule is already Created

  1. In Avast user interface, under Firewall tab, there will be “Application Rules”.
  2. Click on the “Application Rules” and on right hand side you can see the list of groups added in this list which will show all the blocked and unblocked application.
  3. Here, find the group name as “Ideacts Innovations PVT Ltd”. If this group is present. Then click on this group to know the below Status.
    1. CCMUI   - All connections (This looks like a signal. If it has a low signal, just drag it to full signal)
    2. Allow outbound access to the internet  -    Specific Ports  ( in this drop down menu select “All”)
    3. For all other connections - Auto Decide.
  1. Go to Step 3.
  2. This will resolve the issue.

Note:- If the Rule is not  created

  1.  Go to the step 13 & 14. On right hand side you can see the two buttons.
    1. New Group
    2. New Application Rule
  • Click on “New Group” and give a Name as “Ideacts Innovations PVT Ltd”.
  • Then Click “New Application Rule”. Here, you can have a browse option to select the particular exe file.
  • Click on Browse and go to C:/Prgram Files/Ideacts/Clinck Cyber Café Manager/ and select the CCMUI.exe file.
  • Now go to the step 15 and Step 3.
  • This should resolve the issue.