9. Reports
Daily Register Report

Scenarios where the issue occurs:-

The Scenarios where this issue can occur is as follow:

  • Unable to view Daily Register Report in C2R
How to Identify the issue:-

Steps that help us to identify the issue are as follows:

  • Unable to view Daily Register Report in C2R.
  • All other reports are visible correctly.
Solution Provided:-

Steps to resolve the issue are as follows:

  1. It is related to database corruption.
    1. First try “Compact and Repair” feature of Ms-Access, see if the issue gets resolved if not go to below given steps
  2. Now open database and go through tInvoiceDetail table and find out missing tCusomerSessionId.Once found the missing No. search the related entry in tCustomerSessionTerminal, now delete this entry since there is no invoice detail generated.
    1. Sometimes tCusomerSessionId entry from tCustomerSessionTerminal fails to delete since one more relatively entry exists in tCustomerSession table. So has to delete the entry from tCustomerSession table first then from tCustomerSessionTerminal.
Above mentioned steps can resolve the issue.