4. Database
4.1. Errors during backup
Unknown error occurs while compressing your data.

Scenarios where the issue occurs:-

The Scenarios where this issue can occur are as follows:

  1. This issue will occur if the drive has low Free Space.
  2. The second scenario is if partner has given wrong drive location (like CD Rom drive) for schedule backup.
How to Identify the issue:-

Steps that help us to identify the issue are as follows:

  1. At the time of closing the C3M server application it says “Unknown error occurs while compressing your data”.
  2. While checking the backup path we come to know that the partner is running the backup on a removable drive. 
Solution Provided:-

Steps to resolve the issue are as follows:

  1. Open the Cafe Manager Console and check for the backup destination path.
  2. If the backup is taken on the local drive then follow the given steps:
    1. Check for the Free Disk Space on the Drive where the backup is stored.
    2. If the Disk space is less than 1 MB then please inform the partner about the same and tell me to free up some space for the backups to happen.
  3. If the backup is taken on a remote or removable location then select the path to a local hard drive because it is not recommended to use the removable drive e.g. CDs, USBs, and Floppies etc.
  4. This should resolve the issue and the backups should run as scheduled.