3. Client-Server Connectivity Issues
3.2 Connectivity issues related to Antivirus Firewall.
MacAfee Security Center

Scenarios where the issue occurs:-

The Scenarios where this issue can occur are as follows:

  1. Partner is using McAfee Security Center on Server or Client machine.
How to Identify the issue:-

Steps that help us to identify the issue are as follows:

  1. Connectivity between client and server shows disconnected.
  2. We are getting the Ping response between the Server and the client however still the client is not showing connected in the Café Manager Console.
  3. The C3M Server Logs shows that the terminal is not communicating with the Server application.
Solution Provided:-

Steps to resolve the issue are as follows:

  • Click on McAfee Security Center icon-Open Security Center. Please check if the antivirus is working or has expired. If it is expired, kindly remove it.
  • If the Antivirus is working fine then Click on McAfee Security Center icon-Open Security Center-Configure-Internet & Network-Click on OFF Tab of Firewall Protection.
  • In Firewall Protection Click on Advanced Tab & in Program permission you will find CCMUI program is blocked.
  • Give Full Access by clicking on Add Allowed Program Tab. Once this is done then we will find there is Full Access permission
  • Now go ahead and re-launch the C3M Server & click on Reconnect All Terminal, this should show all terminals connected.