3. Client-Server Connectivity Issues
3.4. Connectivity issues due to new Router or Network Configuration.
Network Configuration

Causes of the issue to occur:-

 The Scenarios where this issue can occur are as follows:

  1. The café partner has not setup a LAN in his café for the internet to work in any PCs.
  2. No router /modem connected to the ISP (Internet Service Provider) cable.
  3. No router LAN Cable connected to the Switch/2nd LAN Card of Main PC.
  4. No LAN Cable connected from with to any PC.
  5. No ping response to default router ip (Default Gateway of PC)/any PC to PC in Same LAN.
  6. Internet is not working from ISP side.
How to Identify the issue:-

Steps that help us to identify the issue are as follows:

  1. Local Area Connection showing disconnected in My Network Places due to LAN cable disconnection.
  2. No Packet sent /received showing in LAN.
  3. Limited Connectivity issue in LAN card of any PC.
Solution Provided:-

Steps to resolve the issue are as follows.

  1. Check whether ISP Cable is connected to the WAN Port of Router/Modem or 1st LAN Card (For internet Sharing Purpose) of PC.
  2. If yes, then check whether LAN cable of router/modem is connected to the Switch Port/2nd LAN card of PC.
  3. If Yes, then check whether  1st LAN Card (For internet sharing purpose) is shared for internet & check whether it is allow for all user to access from that LAN card or not.
  4. If Yes, Check the Ping response of that LAN IP(Whether it is assigned Automatically i.e. DHCP or manually configured from same PC or from another PCs.
  5. If ping response giving reply from same PC / another PCs to router/modem’s default gateway  OR ping  to any site For e.g. Start-run-cmd-ping –t (-t for continue ping response)then check whether reply coming or not.
  6. Please check ping response of each LAN IP from each other PCs. If they are replying to each other means they are working fine in LAN.
  7. If no connectivity or limited connectivity is showing then just uncheck the My Network Places –View Network Connection-Local Area Connection-Right Click-Properties-General Tab-Uncheck the mark on  Notify me when this connection has limited or no connectivity.
  8. If all above settings are working fine means We have done Network Configuration successfully in Café.
  9. Now we can access internet from any PC.
  10. This will resolve the issue and we will be able to access internet from any PC.