3. Client-Server Connectivity Issues
3.4. Connectivity issues due to new Router or Network Configuration.
Switch, Router, Hub Issues

Scenarios where the issue occurs:-

The Scenarios where this issue can occur are as follows

  1. When none of the Client Machine is showing connected to the Server Machine.
  2.  When there is no internet on any PCs or PCs are not in a LAN due to LAN disconnection.
How to Identify the issue:-

Steps that help us to identify the issue are as follows:

  1. Client is not showing connected on the server machine.
  2. We are not getting the ping response between the server and the client machine.
  1. The C3M Server Logs shows that the terminal is communicating with the server application.
Solution Provided:-

Steps to resolve the issue are as follows:

  1. Check if the Router and the switch is Turned ON.
  2. Check for the Internet or LAN Connectivity by using the ping command on any of the machine.
  3. Check the ping response of default gateway of router, whether it replying or not.
  4. Now physically check if the Router LAN port is connected to the PC (for dual LAN)/to the Ethernet Switch/hub.
  5. This should resolve the issue however if the issue still persist then follow the below given steps.
  6. Check whether all PCs LAN IPs are manually configured or automatically (DHCP assigned) configured. Make it either DHCP/Assign it manually.
  7. If the DHCP is not enabled then do the following steps to manually configure the IP address.
  1. Click on Start >Control Panel > Network Connections > Local Area Connection
  2. Now Right Click on Local Area Connection and click on Properties
  3. Under properties double click on Internet Protocol TCP/IP
  4. Once you click on Internet Protocol TCP/IP go to. the General tab
  5. Under the General Tab select “Use the following IP address”
  6. Enter the desired IP address (depending on the range )
  7. Enter the Subnet Mask and the default Gateway ( as per the Server machine )
  1. So this should help us in getting the connectivity established between the Server and the Client Machine