iCafe Manager - Easy to use Complete Cyber Cafe Management Software
Complete Customer Management
  • Create permanent accounts and store User information of all Users accessing Cafe Terminals
  • This is a statutory legal requirement in some countries
  • Extensive User reports provide all User data at the click of a button
Versatile Accounting System
  • Easy to use Accounting system to manage your accounts
  • Accounts are maintained for Internet surfing, playing games, sale of coffee & other items, services like Printing & Scanning
  • Daily, weekly & monthly account reports
  • Helps you to analyze & manage your Cafe business efficiently
  • Ticketing feature enables Cafe owner to Print & Sell Tickets with different Internet surfing minutes and expiry dates
  • Cafe owner can handover Tickets to Cafe Administrators, and collect cash equivalent to the Tickets from Administrators. This will prevent losses (pilferage) & simplify accounting
  • Every Ticket has a unique Ticket Number, an optional Password, Internet Surfing Time (Duration), Expiry Date and Price
Remote Viewer
  • Remote Viewer feature enables Cafe Owner to remotely manage all Terminals
  • Changing Windows settings, Installing Software and all other administration tasks on all Terminals can be done sitting at the Server
  • iCafe Manager allows Remote Viewing of any Terminal that is not busy, not being used by a customer. This is done to protect the Customers’ privacy
Print Management
  • Print Manager enables you to track printouts automatically and save money
  • You can track printouts on all printers available in your Cafe
  • Printing charges can be automatically added to the User's Invoice
Organized Desktop with integrated search powered by Google
  • iCafe Manager Desktop provides a useful and standardized Desktop environment to Cafe Users
  • It has Google Search, News, Movies, Cricket Scores, Links to popular useful sites and Exciting Offers for your Cafe Users
  • It prevents changes to the look and feel of the terminal's desktop which reduces your maintenance and troubleshooting efforts
Website Blocking
  • Website Blocking feature enables you to prevent Users from surfing unwanted websites in your Cafe
  • These websites typically have adult or objectionable content or are banned under government rules
  • It helps maintain a clean, comfortable environment in your Cafe for all Users
Bandwidth Monitor
  • Monitor bandwidth used by every terminal in your Cafe
  • Option to set download limits for terminals and display the progress on the Server
  • You can set an alert to inform Cafe Users, whenever the download limit is exceeded
Rate Plans
  • Rate Plans have the amount to be charged for surfing for a given time slot
  • Setup a rate plan for Internet surfing for multiple time slots
  • Rate plan simplifies and standardizes accounting for casual Internet surfers
Membership Packages
  • Membership Packages provide an easy solution to charge regular Cafe Users, who like to pay in advance or buy bulk surfing time
  • These can be used for rewarding your regular Users with a discounted price
Website Tracking
  • Keep track of websites browsed by the Cafe Users
  • You can check these sites and block unwanted sites using the Website blocking feature
  • This feature is introduced for legal compliance in some countries
  • Please check the privacy laws applicable in your country before using this feature
Remote Terminal Management
  • Control all Client Terminals from a single system
  • Operations like terminal shutdown, restart, User logoff, changing security settings and many more can be carried out remotely from the server
Virus & Maintenance Free Desktop
  • iCafe Manager Client is also available with Deep Freeze - a system restore application
  • On every restart, Deep Freeze deletes any changes made to your terminals, keeping it Virus Free
  • This avoids the need for regular maintenance
Speed Enhancer
  • Enhances the performance of your Cafe Terminals and secures terminals from misuse by Users
  • Reduces Start-up & Shutdown times
  • Blocks access to Disk drives & USB connections
  • Blocks access to system settings & configurations
  • Prevents downloading of files and changes to Internet Browser and Network settings
  • Ensures the best system performance always
Power Save
  • Reduce Power consumption with the Power Save Feature
  • With a single click you can ensure that your terminals consume the least power when not in use
  • You can set the time limit for entering the Power Save mode
Inventory Management for Point of Sale
  • Complete Inventory Management System which helps you maintain inventory of various products like CDs, Coffee, Soft Drinks Snacks & Computer Peripherals
  • It also enables you to define additional services like Printing, CD Writing & Scanning, offered in your Cafe
Win 7 Compatibility
  • iCafe Manager products are Windows 7 ready
  • Take advantage of all new features in Windows 7
  • Maximize your Windows 7 experience
Enhanced Client Security by running in Restricted User Environment
  • iCafe Manager Client runs at the highest level of security on your terminals
  • Does not need Windows Administrator level access
  • Works in Restricted Windows User environment
  • Ensures that the Cafe Users have limited access to the terminal
  • Useful set of reports which will help you analyze and optimize your business
  • Reports provide information on Financial Accounts, User Activity, Products & Services, Printers & Terminal usage
Auto Close Session
  • User Session management in iCafe Manager can be automated using the Auto Close Session option
  • Once enabled the invoice is completed automatically as soon as the user logs out
  • No manual work is required to close every user session
Employee Management and Access Control
  • Prevent unauthorized access to the application by providing unique login id & password to every employee working in a cafe
  • Permissions for every feature can be customized for each employee
Client - Server Application
  • iCafe Manager Server is a dedicated and secure system to control all your Cafe terminals
  • The Cafe Data is stored securely at a single location and cannot be accessed by the Cafe Users
Disconnected Mode Feature
  • iCafe Manager Client tracks terminal usage even when it is disconnected from the iCafe Manager Server
  • It records every minute of User Session which ensures accurate tracking and accounting
Database Maintenance
  • iCafe Manager protects the Cafe Data by providing an option to take automatic Scheduled Backups or Manual Backups
  • Backups can be stored on a disk drive in the same system or on a shared network path
  • For maximum safety we recommend that you store the backups on a different system
  • You can get back all your data easily by using the Restore feature
Full Recovery After Power Failures
  • With iCafe Manager, you don’t have to worry about loss of data
  • It records User Sessions every minute preventing mismatch in accounts in the event of power or hardware failure
  • Once the system is restored, the data between client and server is synchronized and Users can continue their session
  • Quick Help available on each screen
  • Provides a description of the feature and its usage
  • Complete Product Manual, Training Videos & FAQs
  • Help available on the application by pressing F1 key
Free Lifetime Support, Auto Updates & Training
  • Free lifetime updates which include New Features, Support for latest Operating Systems & hardware devices and Bug fixes
  • Free Telephonic & Email support