iCafe Manager Desktop - Organized Desktop with Integrated Google search & cool links to increase revenue
Virus & Maintenance Free Desktop
  • iCafe Manager Client is also available with Deep Freeze - a system restore application
  • On every restart, Deep Freeze deletes any changes made to your terminals, keeping it Virus Free
  • This avoids the need for regular maintenance
Organized Desktop with integrated search powered by Google
  • iCafe Manager Desktop provides a useful and standardized Desktop environment to Cafe Users
  • It has Google Search, News, Movies, Cricket Scores, Links to popular useful sites and Exciting Offers for your Cafe Users
  • It prevents changes to the look and feel of the terminal's desktop which reduces your maintenance and troubleshooting efforts
Enhanced Client Security by running in Restricted User Environment
  • iCafe Manager Client runs at the highest level of security on your terminals
  • Does not need Windows Administrator level access
  • Works in Restricted Windows User environment
  • Ensures that the Cafe Users have limited access to the terminal