Generate & Print Tickets
  • Login as an Administrator and Click Tickets icon on the Home screen (as indicated in 1).
  • Click Generate Tickets on left-hand side menu, enter the details and click Save & Print button to print the ticket (as indicated in 2).
  • Sample ticket is generated showing all the details.
Sell & Assign Tickets
  • After tickets are printed, Cafe Owner or Administrator sells a ticket to a user, and collects cash from the user.
  • To sell a Ticket to a new Customer - click Assign Ticket on left-hand side menu, provide required details in Assign Ticket dialog box and click Assign button.
  • To sell a Ticket to a Registered User, on Users tab right click the user in User list, click on Assign Ticket.
Customer uses Ticket
  • To access a Cafe Terminal, User enters the Ticket number and password (if present on ticket) on the Client Terminal in the Registered User's section.
  • When User logs off, the time for which the Terminal was used is deducted from the Ticket.
Search & Assign Ticket
  • To search a specific ticket, click Search Ticket on left-hand side menu, provide required details and click Search Ticket.
  • The Ticket can then be sold to a Customer.
View Reports
  • Cafe owner can get status of total number of Tickets printed by viewing the Ticket Detail Report from the left-hand side menu.
  • Ticket Summary Report on left-hand side menu to view a ticket summary.